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[at-l] Ok, ok, my poems...

Since so many of you have posted your poems and narratives and such to this
list, I thought it wouldn't kill me to add a couple of my own.  The following
are the poems that I'm going to be sending to Harvard.  I had my interview
with the Harvard rep two Saturdays ago, and he suggested I send some of my
poems in...these are the ones my English teacher thought I should send...I'm
not sure if I agree yet...

A fire inside you
branding "Yes I can"
on your nervous jelly interior.
Bunny hopping an 8 inch log.
Listening to, feeling a
screaming downhill.
Learning to fly:
Spreading your wings,
Trusting your skills.
Summitting a 5.12b climb.
Becoming a leader.
Spend it or save it.
Gently falling rain
As storm clouds begin weeping
Shedding their burdens
Keepers of twilight
Stars, Moon, and planets dancing
Midnight ritual
Torrential waters
Quickly sweeping life downstream
With unbiased brooms
"The Mountain of God"
The mountain was a giant.
Tall, like a redwood;
Old as time;
Wiser than Solomon.
He towered over the land,
watching the people.
He was more majestic than a thousand kings,
Thick violet mist for his crown.
He saved the people, commanded them.
And they praised him.

Kristin  =)
"Can I see your platypus?"
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