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[at-l] Sleeping Pad

I started backpacking after a 20 year hiatus when my younger daughter got 
hooked while car camping on a fishing trip with me (no pun intended).  the
first time out we slept without any pads on the floor of a shelter.  Monday
morning found me at Campmor buying 2 closed cell foam pads.  2 weeks later we
were in a different shelter.  I found that for me, at over 250#, an inch of
foam did not help much.  Fortuantely my daughter travels in her sleep and as
soon as I realized that she was no longer on her pad there were two under me.
Monday morning I was in Campmor for the full size self inflating pad and I've
been sleeping soundly ever since.  If I sleep well, I have the energy to 
carry the extra weight.

Happy trails
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