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Re: [at-l] slides vs prints?? BOTH

I'm one of those lurkers, not planning a thru-hike just yet, but I love to
read the list.
If you are taking pics to document your hike, the places and the people,
then the dale or seattle film might be just your ticket. This film, btw, is
35mm movie film. As I understand it, these companies buy the ends of film
reels not used when hollywood shots the stars, repackage it and sell it. If
you plan on doing any enlarging, you might be disappointed. I.e. if you get
a super senic shot that would look great as a 20x30 in your living room,
the movie film just won't cut it. If all you plan on doing is projecting
your slides, and viewing prints on the web or in a photo album, then the
movie film is a good convienience and cost choice.

Chris Witzgall
Warrenton, VA
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