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[at-l] Sleeping Pads

David -

>So, what's the deal with the thermarest, then?  I see all y'all recommending
>it so strongly despite the 5-20 *times* higher price than closed-cell foam/
>ridgerest pads, the higher weight, the care and maintenance, the possibility
>of air leaks... is it really that much more comfortable?

My lady's done the AT twice and used a 3/4 length Ridgerest both times.
I used a 3/4 length ridgerest then switched to a Therma rest.  We both use
Thermarest right now, but we're planning another thruhike and we'll go back
to using the 3/4 Ridgerest.  Thermarest is a little more comfortable, but the
extra weight isn't worth it to us for a long distance hike.  But then there
won't be any shelters (or hard shelter floors) where we'll be going either.

If you can't get a good nights sleep, you either haven't walked far enough
(meaning you're not tired enough) or you walked too far or you forgot to
take a couple aspirin before you went to sleep.

In any case, personal philosophy is that you're welcome to have and use
anything you're willing to carry - even your Crazy Creek chair.
Although I don't think many of those make it to Katahdin.

Walk softly - and lightly,

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