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[at-l] dehydrating;t-rest's

To Rec dancer,
	I have dehydrated a lot of different things for my hiking food supply,
and I have found that you can dehydrate almost anything that you normally eat
at the table. Your meats though should be free of fat, pick the leanest meats
you can and cut away ANY fat. It will ause the rest to go rancid and a big time
belly ache!!!! For types of meat, turkey and bottom round roasts have done the
best for me, the thinner you slice the easier to eat and the faster the drying
time. I have done some with fish and shrimp but they tend not to keep as well
and get a quite a little smell to them, but are great in the short term. I have
found several books that have great receipes for dehydrateing at the book store
and library.

Reply about t-rests:
	I have used a 3/4 light t-rest for several years along with the chair.
I love it nad others are envious when I pull out my compressable chair and they
sit on the ground. It provides good back support, keeps my butt from getting
wet, and red bugs( around pine needles) weighs about a pound. The fisrt chair I
had ripped at the seam and t-rest replaced the whole thing even after three
years of use!!!(I'm 6'3", 195#+) thought that was pretty nice of um. In the
winter I usually put extra clothes etc under my feet to keep them from getting
cold and that usually does fine

Did anyone notice that the sweet H2O filter( guardian) although had iodine did
not eliminate virus'??? Is that a misprint It looks like nothing is gained by
using the guardian according to Backpacker mag reveiw---just curious? Also I
think it may have been discussed before, so please excuse me for asking, but
when do you know your filter has had it?? After several trips the inside looks
deformed and puffy(sweetH2O) and has been cleaned after each use+-. I would
hate to have one blow out on me and not really know it until too late.???

Happy Hiking
ChemE @ ncsu
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