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Re: [at-l] Sleeping Pads

I used Ensolite for years and found it very satisfactory.  Then I got a
series of Thermarests and found them ok too.  The tradeoffs are weight,
reliability, comfort, insulation, simplicity and cost and probably ranked in
that order.  I've developed leaks in the Thermarests, they are a bit of a
pain to de-inflate (but not a *big* pain, you understand!!), Ensolite is
cheaper and unmatched toughness.  I think they're better insulators but
don't have much experience there).  This coming year, I'm going to go with
Ensolite and see how that goes.

>From: David Covin <covi@midway.uchicago.edu>
>So, what's the deal with the thermarest, then?  I see all y'all recommending
>it so strongly despite the 5-20 *times* higher price than closed-cell foam/
>ridgerest pads, the higher weight, the care and maintenance, the possibility
>of air leaks... is it really that much more comfortable?
>(I'd decided to go with a closed-cell foam pad for all the reasons listed
>above.  But I haven't slept a full night on a thermarest, only laid down on
>one in the store.  And you all seem so convinced...)

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