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Re: [at-l] Sleeping Pads

Tumbleweed wrote:
ME 97
> PS. Just got my new Sierra trading post catalog and they have the
> thermarests in the full length 72" self inflating by Cascade Designs for
> 42.50 ... nice price! darn! and I paid 65 for my 3/4, but its a genuine
> therma at least ;-).  I will be using both, shelters and a tent<bivy> ....
> tent?
> >FYI--have you checked  Campmor? fall catalog has ultra lite II long listed at $59.99  wt. 1#5oz.   Campmor is on the internet  http.//www.campmor.com                  info@campmor.com
> >atgoose

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