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Re: [at-l] trail food

>On Bargain Stoves:
>Try some yard sales.  I recently bought a brand new Peak 1 stove, case,
>and wind screen for only $5.00! Also there is a chain of stores called,
>"Play it again sports" that carries used sports equipment.

I'll second Steve's recommendation of Play it Again, where I found a nice
set of sturdy, light use ski poles for $6, instead of $100 collapsable Leki
poles at REI. Of course, they don't collapse, and they're not very cool,
but I think they'll do the job of sparing my knees on the downhills.

Play it Again rarely carries camping gear, though.

I see from his post that he's in Nevada. I'm in North Carolina, so the
chain would seem to be nationwide.


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