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[at-l] Understanding Viewshed

FrankLogue@aol.com wrote:

> The recent discussion of viewshed management seems to imply that the desire
> is to manage ALL of the view. This impractical approach is never the goal.
> Viewshed management concentrates on the foreground of the view, not the far
> reaching scene. I hope this clarification helps the ongoing debate, which i
> have enjoyed.

It may be "urban legend," but I'd heard several years ago that
the State of Maine is preserving the "viewshed" from Katahdin by
prohibiting the future construction of any structure plainly
visible to the naked eye from the summit.

Since the summit is several miles inside of Baxter, and that the
surrounding land beyond that is owned by various paper companies,
this may not be too difficult an objective to achieve. 

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