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Re: [at-l] My stove dun blown up.

> I agree with Steve Dopp,  get a Svea 123.  I got mine in 1977,  not self
> cleaning, and it only recently conked out.  With the help of this list I

Let me add a wholehearted amen to the Svea 123 recommendations.  Mine 
is from 1975.  I went ahead and paid the extra $5 for the one with 
the cleaning needle built in.  It's still running strong, tho I must 
confess that I now carry a repair kit with me.  I mean, it's gotta 
happen sooner or later . . . so far it's been later, much later.

Simple design + good execution = GREAT STOVE!!!


**    Keith E. Patterson
**    Fincastle, VA, USA
**    kep1@roanoke.infi.net
**    Keith_E_Patterson@atlanticmutual.com
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