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[at-l] Camera/tripod

 >To camera or not to camera, that is the question? Of course bring one! Or
maybe maildrop one here and there, but select one with a timer, so everyone (
or just you ) can get in the shot.If you don't want to carry the weight the
whole trip how about just for Springer and Katahdin? >The mini tripods like
the kind that Camp-mor sells are equiped with velcro to turn your hiking
stick into a monopod, works for me and my SLR in lowlight where you need a
steady hand. > Beautiful situations? How about Katahdin from Abol Bridge?
>Outback oven? Never tried one, but I'd like here more about them....do they
make a bagguette size for Solophile? :^)    >TraderJohn     Godspeed to the
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