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[at-l] Time-delay MSRs

A number of folks recommended "pulling preventive maintenance" (cleaning)
the MSR Whisperlite to resolve a time-delay on the jetting of fuel in a
*new* stove. PM is always a good idea; however, the new shakerjet MSR fuel
pump has something of a time-delay between the opening of the valve and the
jetting of fuel.  This is normal, and an e-mail to MSR (they have a webpage)
will help answer your questions about it. PM won't fix the delay in the
shakerjet. I learned about this when I replaced the pump on my old MSR
Whisperlite with a new "shakerjet" style pump.  According to my e-mails with
them, a new stove shouldn't require PM.  You just have to be patient for
those seconds that the jet needs to start. 

You should also be aware that there was a recall on one month's production
of the new shakerjet MSR Whisperlites.  The webpage will give you the best
information on this.

Jim Greenway 

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