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[at-l] 97 Thru-Hike in jepordy!.

Maxi wrote..using Kahley's account..

Dear Chase...
Me an the boys have been dicussin yer situation.  Truely a sad state of 
affairs...it tugged on our heart strings.

We have long dreamed of doin a thru...but due to an arangement into
which I have been forced which reguires my appearence on a regular basis
at the office of the Pa parole bureau and also Louie's ongoin 
difficulties with the authorities in several states through which the 
trail passes (BTW,all bum raps IMHO), our plans have been bumped off, I 
mean put off for some time.
Reading of your current situation has brought the proverbial tear to our 
eyes.  We just wanted ya to know, considering your thoughts about 
bribery, believe it our not...sometimes this don't work. I speak from 
personal experience here.  And to say the least, should not be attempted 
by amateurs.  So for that reason, Louie and I wish to offer
our own special kind of pre-trail magic, and take care of this little 
matter for ya.  And if your associate fails to recognize the value
of a few more months on the job, we will make him a offer which he 
may find more difficult to refuse.  For instance, explain to him how 
much more enjoyable his retirement would be if he continues to have 
the use of both legs and all his fingers.
Just say the word and we will be glad to take care of this little matter 
for you.
			Signed  No Neck Maxi & Light Fingered Louie
			         aka Thumper and Bambi
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