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[at-l] trail food

Sandra Downs asked if it was ok to keep opened canned meat for 24 hours?
Opened canned meat should be treated the same as fresh meat. After 
opening you can assume it will be good for 2 hours if the temp. is over
45 degrees. If the temp is cool I might be tempted to push that a few 
hours and have without mishap. However at temperatures over 45 degrees
toxins begin forming within the two hours and they speed up as temps 
increase. The problem is that the meat may still smell ok several hours 
later but it is not OK and cooking does nothing to get rid of the toxins.
On Bargain Stoves: 
Try some yard sales.  I recently bought a brand new Peak 1 stove, case, 
and wind screen for only $5.00! Also there is a chain of stores called,
"Play it again sports" that carries used sports equipment.

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