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Re: [at-l] ...cold camera....

> How about hints for operating a camera on a cold day without jamming

Keep it warm.

The current generation of electronic picture-taking marvels are totally
dependent on battery power.  Chill 'em down and they behave just like
my '68 Volvo -- indistinguishable from dead :-)  FWIW, it's not unique
to the Stylus zoom.  Unfortunately, once the lens is "frozen" in the
position, it becomes especially susceptible to mechanical damage.

Experienced cold-weather shooters who don't/can't keep their cameras
warm (hard to share a parka with a tripod-mounted SLR w/long lens) keep
a spare set or two of batteries in a warm pocket, just in case.  Given
size of the typical p&s, especially the Stylus zoom, it shouldn't be too
to find a reasonably warm spot in which to stash the camera.

Or you could always switch to an all-mechanical camera (better know
how to set exposure)...not so commonly found these days.

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