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Re: [at-l] Thank you

>To everyone on this list: I have been surfing around to other mailing
>lists etc... this is the most civilized list I've visited.....Then the
>next 4 or 5 replies were all flaming the first responder .....
I know that would have never happened here. 

This is indeed a great list.  However (!!!), I have seen other lists where
rude folks and flamers appear, like out of the ether.  Best thing we can do
is ignore them.  Really!  Or if you reply, reply to them at their own
address and *not* to the list.  They seem to thrive on the 'public'
attention and furor they cause and they're really not worth our time or
attention (sort of like party crashers that you can't ask to leave!!).  I'm
convinced there are several doctoral theses to be written on the sociology
of internet lists.  It would be fascinating.  

v/s, Jim Lynch... (leave me a note at Byrd's Nest #3 in SNP!)...

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