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[at-l] re: msr soot / cleaning

here's what i do with my whisperlite, and it has served me well for a
thruhike and beyond:

when you're done cooking, and as soon as it's cool enuf to handle, detach
the stove from the fuel bottle, grab the little wire thingy that pokes out
of the fuel line, and use it as a pipe cleaner, i.e. push and pull it back
and forth.  this wire runs the length of the fuel line, and this action
will dislodge any particles that may be in there.  white gas still in the
fuel line dissolves most particles.

then, put your mouth over the end of the fuel line and blow out the
remaining white gas.  this does a surprisingly effective job of clearing
the nozzle and fuel line of all soot.  (this is why you should do it soon
after cooling down - before the rest of the white gas evaporates).  plus,
most of the bottom of the stove is doused in a little white gas.  take a
piece of bandana (i keep a little square just for this purpose) and wipe
the stove clean.  the liquid white gas cleans up the soot on the stove
nicely.  i would suggest storing the bandana separately from the stove, but
on my hike they both got stuffed into the same pouch.  once i started this
routine in PA, the thing burned like a jet engine the whole rest of the
way.  i really recommend this for all whisperlite users.

ke kaahawe

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