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[at-l] MSR whisperlite

>    I just bought a whisperlite last august. I've never used one
> having a hard time trying to get the gas to come out to prime the
> stove. I frequently had to wait a minute or two after opening the
> valve, even when I pumped the tank up to a high pressure. A few weeks
> 						-Martha Montague
> 						ME -> GA '98
Martha:  Does your Whisperlite have one of the new "shaker" jet-cleaning
gizmo's?  On this list, or maybe on backpack-l, there was a discussion of
this time-lag with the gas.  And it was normal with the shaker jet stoves.
If someone else doesn't reply with that information, I'll try to find it
and pass it on.  I'll wait over the weekend and see what replies come in.


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