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[at-l] Soot on the MSR

> clothing, or pack.  To avoid that problem, I carry a small (4 oz) plastic
> bottle of denatured alchohol and use that to prime the stove.  It is visible
> when it burns and primes just as well as coleman fuel, but it does not
> leave the black, dirty film.  Try it and pass it along.  >>
	...and Marty replied...
> I tried that and the plastic bottle leaked.  Now I take a plastic grocery bag
> to hold the stove.  When I'm setting it up I keep a part of the plastic
> between my hands & the stove, so I never get dirty, but any loose soot stays
> on the inside of the bag..  The stove goes back into the (almost 0 weight)

	I used the alcohol for years, in a very small bottle with a
tapered-spout top and a cap that pressed down to close (cap attached to
the spout like most water bottles).  It never leaked.  But I'm trying to 
cut ounces, so I stopped carrying it--although maybe the gas used to prime
the stove weighs more than that bottle+alcohol???  =-).  I carry pieces of
paper towels cut into quarters.  Useful for really-dirty-job clean-up
(and they burn).  I use one small piece to clean soot off if any gets on
me.  I can usually be careful enough not to get any on me.  I guess this 
is like "hike your own hike" or "there's more than one way to skin a cat." 
-- Earthworm

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