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[at-l] Soot on the MSR

<<One of the most important things I learned on the trail was how to
eliminate the dirty black film that forms on a coleman fueled stove
(Whisperlite) when you prime it with coleman or white fuel.  That sooty
substance sticks to everything and is impossible to wash off your hands,
clothing, or pack.  To avoid that problem, I carry a small (4 oz) plastic
bottle of denatured alchohol and use that to prime the stove.  It is visible
when it burns and primes just as well as coleman fuel, but it does not
leave the black, dirty film.  Try it and pass it along.  >>

I tried that and the plastic bottle leaked.  Now I take a plastic grocery bag
to hold the stove.  When I'm setting it up I keep a part of the plastic
between my hands & the stove, so I never get dirty, but any loose soot stays
on the inside of the bag..  The stove goes back into the (almost 0 weight)
plastic bag and into the stuff sack.  On my thru hike I'm going to include
about 4 plastic grocery bags in my maildrops for various uses.  

Marty (Gypsy)
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