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Re: [at-l] Losing land to AT

James P. Jim Lynch wrote:
> >Thomas B. Greene wrote:
>  (gasp) no cable tv. We get along just
> >fine. Perhaps these "conveniences" are what have turned us in to such a
> >callous society.
> Maybe.  But cable tv is one thing, roads (public throughways) are another.
> So are schools, courthouses, landfills, etc.  All things that the
> public-at-large needs.

Yes, but the point is that we can easily do without things that we feel 
are necessities. The hand of man wants to touch everything. Progress is 
continually measured in dollar signs. To me, progress is saving Mt Rogers 
from highway 58. Progress would have been to not doze away Sam's Gap. Why 
can we not accept things as they are, and deal with them. Do we have to 
completely rearrange the Earth to meet our needs. I often think about 
someone from long ago (Chief Seattle, perhaps?) being Carl Saganed into 
the present. I'm not sure if I'd be proud of our 'progress' he'd see. 

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