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[at-l] RE: Fleece socks

Jason wrote,
	I was wondering if anyone on this list has used fleece socks for any 
extended period of time hiking.  I know wool socks are the old standby, 
but I just got some fleece socks and they sure are comfy.  I just don't 
know if they will be able to handle the stress of hiking any distance.
Anyone tried this?

Fleece socks are very cozy and they do have some very good qualities that would make them
very valuable on any hike, whether it's a thru hike or just a weekend out.  I DO NOT
recommend that you hike in them.  The way these socks are constructed usually leaves a
seam around your ankle and up the back of the sock. Imagine that seam rubbing against
your skin for 8 - 10 miles ( I've got blisters just from thinking about it!!), needless
to say fleece socks are NOT the greatest choice to hike in!  But that doesn't mean that
you shouldn't bring them along.  Fleece socks have the unique ability of not absorbing
water, and are therefore very fast drying. So no matter what happens on the trail, you
slip at a river crossing, or you wash all your socks (hopefully not in the river!), or it
rains for 36 hours straight (don't laugh it happened to Rootboy and me on top of the
Priest), the fleece socks give you the comforting knowledge that you can have dry feet in
10 minutes NO MATTER WHAT!!  They make real nice camp socks, but please don't hike in
them your feet will thank you later!
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