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Re: [at-l] another poem

>Thank you for the kind words on my last poem. I wrote this one today at work in
>response to a request for more. I hope you enjoy. Maybe next i'll try to
>compose something to convey the anxiousness that these last two months are
>slowly starting to breed :)

i would like to echo that.  if only i had your gift with words, my pen 
would be burning through the paper. :0)

>Soul Smile
>A smile and inner sanctitude
>I never seem to lack
>When every item that i need
>Lays laughing on my back
>My dogs might take to barking
>My knees might start to whine
>But my soul extends it's mantra of:
>"Relax, you're doing fine"
>For each and every muscle ache
>And ligament and tendon
>That cry and sigh and question why
>They're sore from so much bendin'
>I pause from hopping boulders
>Like a dirty outdoor dancer
>And while i let them catch their breath
>Provide them with this answer:
>A smile and inner sanctitude
>I never seem to lack
>When every item that i need
>Lays laughing on my back.

very nice. (as you might guess, i am a boy of few words; that's about my 
highest form of praise :0)

>Thanks also to everyone who contributes to this mail list. I have not been on
>it very long, but the positive attitude and helpfullness of all the members
>really goes against the usual internet grain. I would hate to see what would
>have happened to the "Losing land to AT" thread if it was on rec.backcountry.

echo this too.  after coming here, i haven't been able to read any other 
group that i used to subscribe to, for that reason.  a little too much 
coldness elsewhere.

>"He who rides the back of the tiger fears to dismount"
>-Robert Hunter-

as a relative newbie, i appreciate this group more than i could possibly 
convey, or you'all could possibly understand.  maybe.

humbly yours,


     ...every color, and class, and rank; high officials
          and the beggar alike - all snored in the same 
      El-Hajj Malik El-Shabbazz
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