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Re: [at-l] Toothpaste, etc, etc...

Daane, Peter wrote:

> I have seen lots of info on gear. One item many past thru-hikers suggest is
> a water bag, however, little is said about pros and cons of different types
> and sizes.  I plan to buy MSR's 10 liter bag before I leave (April 3, 1997).
>  Is it overkill to get one that sturdy or that large?

A 10-L bag seems awfully large. And with water in it - HEAVY!! I just
got my new 4-L bag replacement in the mail and am still waiting for my
new 2-L. I don't know which will make it with me on the AT - probably
the 2-L in addition to 2 Nalgene bottles.

Diana ^(raven)^ * raven@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu
The Appalachian Trail 1998 * Georgia -> Maine
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