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Re: [at-l] Pack weight

> To me, pack weight is the absolute heaviest my pack will be on any given 
> day. Before I leave for a trip, I load my pack with exactly what will be 
> in it when I leave the trailhead. I put it on, get on my bathroom scales 
> and then cuss like a madman cause it still weighs about 57 lbs. I then go 
> out to my truck, strap it in to the seatbelt, kiss my wife goodbye and 
> drive 9 hours so I can carry that 57 pounds somewhere.

Of course the problem with this is not knowing how many days you're going to go 
before resupplying. I've just finished my initial planning for my 98 thru-hike 
and my maximum planned days between resupply is 6. So my absolute maximum pack 
weight, including food for 6 days and 1 liter of water, should be about 28 to 
30 pounds. My base pack weight with everything except food and water is just 
under 14 lbs. In some ways I think it's better to speak of base weight since it 
never changes.

BTW, speaking of weight, I just bought an FM radio from Eddy Bauer that weights 
1/4 ounce! It fits on one ear and seems to get pretty good reception. I'm 
planning on pimarily using it to catch weather reports.

Michael Connick
GA->ME on the Appalachian Trail in 98!

E-mail: Michael_Connick@clrmnt.com
Michael's Ultralight Backpacking Page:
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