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Re: [at-l] Losing land to AT

Thomas B. Greene wrote:
>< snip>
>  But many of our great
> national treasures have been protected and opened to the public because of
> eminant domain.  Not to mention many conveniences that allow us to get around
> such as airports and interstate highways used eminant domain when they were
> being built.

Yes, but don't you think we would have gotten along just fine without 
them? I live in a rural county with (gasp) no cable tv. We get along just 
fine. Perhaps these "conveniences" are what have turned us in to such a 
callous society.

> What if the AT was never built because a small number of land owners refused to
> sell or provide right-of-way?  What if a thru-hike became impractical because
> the lack of public land required a permit system along the AT?  Just some things
> to think about.

We'd all be doing something else. We are obviously not the type of people 
to sit idle, so we be doing something. Road hiking? Trying to get the 
landowners to let us hike on their land? Buying land when it became 
available? Rerouting the AT to land the AT/NPS already owns?  Some goals 
are unattainable, and should be.


It ain't much, but try http://members.tripod.com/~Felixhikes/index.html

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