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Re: [at-l] hygiene

Rich Scanlon mentioned:

>As a dentist / hiker I take a small bottle of the concentrated mouth
>wash or breath freshening drops like Binaca.  Two or three drops on a
>toothbrush and you have a fresh and clean tasing mouth with out all
>the foam and mess.

This is instead of toothpaste, you say?  Is fluoride and all that other 
toothpaste-hype a non-issue then for the 6 or so months on the trail?  I've 
never seen the Bianca stuff in anything other than breath spray packaging... 
are the drops commonly available or do I have to get such a thing through my 
dentist?  What a neat concept.  I've been thinking about this and always 
figured I'd repackage a small amount into a cat-crap sized container to be 
placed in my mail drops.  I've never liked large quantities of foamy 
substances in my mouth anyway <g> so I generally use very little toothpaste. 
 But this sounds like a much neater and simpler solution.

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