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[at-l] Toothpaste

Hi everyone! First time poster to this list (cha ching).

Thought I would add to dental advice.  I plan on bringing travel size 
Oxyfresh.  This paste in engineered to be used without water and is 
concentrated, the travel size is about the size of your pinkie and lasts two 
weeks.  No endoresment here and I don't know about the eco impact of 
spitting a mouthful.  You can order from Oxyfresh at (509) 924-4999 (warning 
because its concentrated this stuff aint cheap a full size tube lasts 5 
months but costs $16).

About Power of Attorneys.... head to your local law library.  Most countys 
have them or large schools.  Look for a form book that that has samples 
specific for your state.  Did you think we wrote all that crap from scratch 
each time?  Heretofore you should use the form books  after all your $$ pay 
for them.

I have seen lots of info on gear. One item many past thru-hikers suggest is 
a water bag, however, little is said about pros and cons of different types 
and sizes.  I plan to buy MSR's 10 liter bag before I leave (April 3, 1997). 
 Is it overkill to get one that sturdy or that large?

Also, anyone from Chicago area planning for '97 hike out there?

Peter Daane
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