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Re: [at-l] A pack weight plea

At 06:02 AM 1/31/97 PST, R. L. (Dick) Wix wrote:
>  Are you using a campfire to cook with or not cooking.???  There's no
>accounting for Fuel and bottle weight listed in your post.!


I didn't try to post my pack list!  I just want to know what other folks
mean when they give their weights.

For the record, though, I am going to experiment this year with an alcohol
stove (Trangia Westwind... 6.5oz not counting windscreen, etc.).  In the
past I've used a MSR Whisperlight International.  My trail cooking style is
of the "boil water" variety, so I won't be carrying a whole lot of fuel.

I should have added fuel as another variable, since, like food, the amount
changes with the length of the trip.

-- Jim

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