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Re: [at-l] Losing land to AT

Russ wrote:

> Would you like to work all your life to get the house and land you always
> dreamed of, just to lose it to eminant domain?  I wouldn't.

Who would?  It's not meant to be a pleasant process.  But many of our great
national treasures have been protected and opened to the public because of
eminant domain.  Not to mention many conveniences that allow us to get around
such as airports and interstate highways used eminant domain when they were
being built.

> You just can't put a market value on dreams...

That's why they pay you fair market value. :-)

> Would anyone who has dreamed all their life about a thru hike take a "fair"
> amount of money not to do it?  I think not.

What if the AT was never built because a small number of land owners refused to
sell or provide right-of-way?  What if a thru-hike became impractical because
the lack of public land required a permit system along the AT?  Just some things
to think about.

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