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Re: [at-l] ....new cammera....slides/prints?

Chase wrote:
 > I picked out the Olympus Stylus zoom
> > 38-105 for my hike. This point and shoot camera weighs about 9 oz,

> Diana ^(raven)^ wrote:
> This is my camera but with a zoom feature. If you don't mind me asking,
> how much did it cost? I love my camera to death, but it lacks cool
> features like zoom or auto-timer. I was thinking of getting a second one


	The 38-105 olympus Stylus is very expensive for what you get $300. The
35-70 model is only $199. Other than the lens both cameras are the same
I think. So for the exrtra $100. you dont really get very much for your
money. When shopping make shure you look at the QD model (quartz Date)
models lacking this feature are a little cheaper. Also I will note that
the basic fixed lens cammera with QD is about $119.

Cant wait to take a couple of rolls and check out this cammera.

	I think I will probally take slides rather than prints. In the long run
the better quality and long life of slides will pay off. I wonder about
the extra cost of digitizing slides? Ritz a hi priced develper charges
about $1.50 each to make a print from a slide. I am not shure about the
cost of digitizing slides. Seatle Film Works must have changed their
home page address? If I can get slides digitized at a good price I am
satisfied with the 720 dpi images that I can print on my Epson Stylus
Pro printer.


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