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RE: [at-l] A pack weight plea

>"Pack weight" is a remarkable term.  We talk about it constantly, but
>almost never define it!

Funny you mention pack weight . I have been thinking about that lately.
I used to list my pack weight as everything I would start the hike with
 including food, fuel and water, minus a tee short, pair of shorts, and
socks. But you know I never really felt that number represented what I
was really carrying. I have of late become a proponent of something
called "total" weight. That is, standing in your birthday suit at Springer,
or in our case Katahdin, with all your stuff laid out in front of you, what does
all that stuff weigh. I mean think about it, I have seen people list pack
weights and leave out fleece or rainwear because they MIGHT have
them on when they start hiking. But whether that fleece is in your pack
or on your body you are still carrying it. Same with boots , Leki's,
your watch, your cap all that stuff, you are still carrying it. What we have
been shooting for is reducing that "total" weight. I think I would rather
know that number ,rather than fooling myself by playing games with
what MAY  be in my pack and what MAY be on my body.

erehwon and erehwyna

ME to GA '97  (REXX says leaving in 106 days )
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