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[at-l] Legal stuff/dental stuff

<< POA's can be general or specific.  Example:  OJ gives Geraldo POA
giving him the authority to do anything he can do now, sell books, sell
Bruno Mali shoes, collect money, sign checks, sell real estate etc. is a
general power.  OJ gives Kato a POA to sell his house and to sign all
necessary papers when he is found liable in the civil trial is a specific
power. >>

Who says attorneys have no sense of humor :~)))))

Does the do-it-yourself POA need to be notarized?  I realize this could be
different depending on the state, but generally speaking?

And on a dental note -
<< On a related note, if anyone has any dental related questions or 
concerns about their thru hike, let me know.  Also, I have my phone 
number posted below so if an emergency develops and a telephone 
consultation is helpful, please call.  Always tell my receptionist that
you are a thru hiker, then I can drop everything and get to the phone. 

Rich Scanlon, D.M.D.
(717) 242-2731
Lewistown Pa
Just 43 miles north of Duncannon, PA 
and the AT >>

That is very kind and considerate of you.  Wow - where but on this list would
you find one professional offering help much less than two in one day!  You
guys are great!

Marty (Gypsy)

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