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[at-l] 97 Thru-Hike in jepordy!...new cammera....bivi.....beef

HI Gang,

	Oh no oh no! My Thru-Hike may be in jepordy. :---( 
A fellow machinist is thinking of retireing soon. I think my leave of
absence will be cancelled when he retires. Perhaps I can bribe him into
working till August :>). Maybe at the least I will get the month of
March off. I expect to know more in two weeks. If I don't get to do it
this year, I expect it to be 12 years before a window of opportunity
presents itself again.
	 Moral of the story; if you have a halfway chance of getting on the
trail for a period of time, just do it. You may be looking at the best
opportunity right now that you will ever have.
	On the lighter side, pretending my leave will not be cancelled. I 
will pick up my new cammera today. I picked out the Olympus Stylus zoom
38-105 for my hike. This point and shoot camera weighs about 9 oz, thats
a lot less than my 2# Cannon AE1-P with its much faster lense.
	My "Sleep-Inn" Bivi-sack is soaking in the tub, with an occasional
shower likely. Yes I am checking for water proofness. I recoated the
floor and want to make shure it is waterproof. My down bag inside will
be a good indicator of any leaks.
	I have another 15# of roast beef to first cook, then coarse grind, next
dry and package in 1/2 cup servings (ziplock). the ziplocked portions
are placed inside gallon size freezer ziplocks and stored in my freezer.
This beef easily cooks (reconstitutes) in the 10 minuets  it takes for
many trail foods, Lipton noodles, hamberger helper. Pre soaking works
even better.


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