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[at-l] Coleman Corp. Tele. No.


  Sorry lost your e-mail address.!

  Searched all my junk,,, found only a regular tele.no. for Coleman Corp.
(Wichita, KS)...
  Last spring my Peak I was spraying fuel from the valve assembly once I
pressurized the tank,,, the problem was "O-rings", which aren't available in
most stores... I called Coleman, talked to a Tech. Rep.
he sent two sets of rings free... If you still are unsure about your Apex,,
I'd call and ask for info... 

   good luck,,,
    Dick & Lyn  Wix     (Where's Spring; Rochester, MN)
                 aka  "WIXeR"  AT-94  GA->ME
       We'll get there,,,, when we get there.!!" - obscure

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