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[at-l] Less Pack Weight

Hello to All,
The less weight I carry directly effects the way I enjoy my journey.
Whether a weekend or long backpacking journey.  I've learned to take only
what I really truly need on a daily basis to lessen the load and enjoy the
hike.  Below is what I now take backpacking 4 seasons.
Jansport Tahoma 2800 cu in daypack 30oz
Campmor tube tent 16oz
50' 1000 lb light line 2oz
flashlight/1 AAA battery/landyard (carried in fanny pack) 1oz
2 cotton bandanna's 2oz
compass/Fox whistle/landyard (carried in fanny pack) 2oz
2 1 liter soda bottles 4oz
first aid kit/sewing needle/duct tape/lighter/stuff (carried in fanny pack) 10oz
Tilley hat ( I'll wear this) 10oz
emergency blanket (carried in fanny pack) 2oz
trowel 1oz
Western Mountain Aspen Dryloft 830 20 degree sleeping bag 38oz
summer bag undecided old one has had it from years of use replacement due
sleeping pad 1/2"x20"x54" 6oz
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic knife with landyard (carried in fanny pack) 1oz
2 AA and AAA batties for stove and flashlight (carried in fanny pack) 2oz
toilet paper (carried in fanny pack) 2oz
polyester knit cap 2oz
Patagonia light weight long johns pants and shirt 16oz
2 pair nylon socks 2oz
eye glass case 1oz
6 hour candle (use wind screen from stove for reflector) 2oz
zip Sierra stove/1.3 liter titanium pot and lid 22oz
fork/spoon/titanium Sierra cup 2oz
Pur Pioneer water filter and 2 extra filters 9oz
nylon jacket 14oz
nylon pants 7oz
42" umbrella 12oz
running shoes (I'll wear these) 20oz
Campmor backpackers poncho (also used as ground cloth and small tarp) 16oz
sleep screen with frame (no-see-um netting) 10oz
head net (no-see-um netting) 1/4oz
Reliance 10 liter collapsible container with handle 6oz
polyester shirt and shorts 10oz
fanny pack (23oz carried including weight of fanny pack) 3oz
maps and guide books varies on trip ?oz
writting paper and pen 1oz
assorted items depending on trip 9oz
That's 15 lbs for 4 season backpacking and in the summer the weight is lighter.
Sleeping bag, pad, tube tent, umbrella and 2 liters of water are affixed to
outside of pack leaving plenty of room for the rest of the gear and food inside.
I don't like to travel with less than a quart of water (2 lb) at any time.
Approximently 2lb food needed each day so a 2 day trip I'll carry 21 lb, 4
day trip 25 lb, 7 day trip 31 lb.  I should be able to resupply within every
4 days.
At the end of a day of backpacking I'm not exhausted and was able to enjoy
the days journey.
These items give me comfort, shelter and nurishment what else do I want?
Nothing I can think of.
Take care,
John O

John O    E-mail johno@mail.monmouth
Brick, New Jersey
60 miles north of Atlantic City   60 miles south of New York City

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