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[at-l] Re: Hygiene

I, too, rubbed down with a wet bandana at the end of every day.  I also 
enjoyed a bona fide shower every week or so.

I'm a big fan of the bandana rubdown.  It did wonders for my demeanor, it 
kept my sleeping bag clean, it kept my camp clothes much more comfortable 
than my hiking clothes.

As for privacy, if there were others at the shelter (I was behind the 
crowd so fairly oftern there weren't), I would politely say, "I'm going 
to wash up behind the shelter.  I'm not particulary modest, but I figure 
I oughtta let you know."  Nobody ever had a problem with that.

This thread brought to mind my experience at Pickle Branch Shelter.  
(Digression: yes it's far off the trail, but it's before a pretty nasty 
climb and was the only reasonable place for me to stay that night.  Plus, 
I thought the spot was beautiful.)  As I arrived, I was swarmed by 
flies.  They followed me as I retrieved water.  They were all over my 
arms, legs, etc.  I thought I was in for a miserable evening.  After, 
cleaning up, they decided that I wasn't interesting at all.  No soap 
necessary -- just sweat and dirt removal.

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