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[at-l] toothpaste

My partner and I both took the sample size tubes of cresh or colgate.  Being
ecologically correct, he swallowed.  I on the other hand spit, in a discreet
location.  We ate so much junk, that it's nearly impossible to go without a good
cleaning once in a while.  My reluctance to get out of the tent when I
remembered that I hadn't brushed for the day, kept my teeth cleanings to every 3
or 4 days, or about as often as it really started getting gnarly in my oral
cavity.  Somewhere near Maine, Aunt Jemima wanted to bet me $10 that I'd get a
cavity thanks to me dental neglect.  I passed, but upon return to civilization,
I was still cavity free, and he had his first - despite being a much more
regular brusher.

Another idea is trident gum, as I believe it's advertised to clean teeth up a
bit.  The gum is small, lightweight and probably is a nice after dinner

Sir Goober Peas

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