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[at-l] Speaking of feet....

When I was 13, I got my achilles tendons lengthened because my bones
were growing faster than the  tendons.  I have very large calves and I
did when I was 13 and I also had a very wide achilles tendons(where it
splits into 3s in the calves).  This also created flat feet because my
bones were more malable then and I had no arches what soever.  This
problem has been mostly corrected with orthodics and now about ten
years later, I have arches in my feet. =20

Ok, to the point, I still wear the same orthodics in my shoes when
from when I was 14!  They are made of real hard plastic and just don't
wear out.  My foot has grown since then, but I am a size 10 and one
shoe size didn't make much difference.  Anyway, I don't really need
them anymore, but I sure do feel uncomfortable without them.  I have
grown used to the support that it provides but I think my through hike
is going to finally send my old ones to the trash.  Does anyone use
arch supports like the ones you find in the stores in catalogs?  I was
wondering how long they hold up and if they really provide any support
at all.  I am so used hard plastic that  I think I may be
uncomfortable in the foam jobies. =20



Courtney Smith

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