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[at-l] Powers of Attorney

        Although I am an attorney and usually do not recommend that people
do not need an attorney to do something( as far as I know most of my clients
are not on the internet and certainly not subscribers of this mailing list!
) you do not need to hire an attorney to give someone else a power of
attorney.  There are countless numbers of "home-lawyer" software titles on
the market that have several fill-in-the-blank type POA's to choose from
which are valid in all 50 states.

        POA's can be general or specific.  Example:  OJ gives Geraldo POA
giving him the authority to do anything he can do now, sell books, sell
Bruno Mali shoes, collect money, sign checks, sell real estate etc. is a
general power.  OJ gives Kato a POA to sell his house and to sign all
necessary papers when he is found liable in the civil trial is a specific power.

        POA's can be "Durable"   A durable POA continues during the
incapacity or incompetence of the grantor (the person giving it - the OJ in
the above example)

        I would assume that anyone hiking the trail should give someone else
( or entity, Corporation etc) a broad durable POA.  I would also suggest
that you name an alternate POA in the document in case the first named is
unable or unavailable for any reason.  You can also state an effective date
such as March 28, 1997 and an expiration date such as October 1, 1997.

        You of course can revoke the power at anytime if you find out that
Aunt Bertha has depleted your life savings at the monthly Beano game while
trying to impress that Ed Garvey wannabe-lookalike Floyd Lee Billy Bob

        I will endeavor to get a sample POA up on the Kezarlaw homepage for
you to ponder in the very near future.  You can reach the Kezarlaw page
through my homepage listed below.  Now I will have to actually get something
up on the Kezarlaw page now!

        After my Fear and Loathing posts and related off the wall comments
to this list recently it's the least I can do.  I am sure I now will never
be confirmed for either a Supreme Court nomination or Federal Judgeship -
since there will be one of you who will leak my prior posts to the press and
my career will be finished !  But look at Clarence Thomas!

The Bamaman  AT 81

Author of Fear and Loathing on the Appalachian Trail 
David S. Severance
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