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Re: [at-l] Support

My friends thought I had lost it, too.  In fact, they seriously thought I
had something wrong with me.   It made me feel sad, but didn't quench my
desire to thru hike   : )


>>> I just thought of something.
>>>         Alot of the folk I heard at the HF 25th gathering kept 
>>> that thier friends would hear about the hike and think they were =
>>> They would get odd looks from other people mentioning it.
>>It's funny you mention this. I talked to my parents about a thru-hike
>>and they thought I was either insane or joking. They wanted to know
>>where I would get such an idea, how on earth could I leave my job, 
>>I was going to get money.... They are ultra-traditional (you look at 
>>and then them, you won't think we're related <hehe>), coming from 
>>to the US in the 60's. Oh well. They'll believe me when I'm in North
>>Carolina somewhere on the phone asking for money. ;)
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