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Re: [at-l] Support

I have got the strange look from professor at my school. I suppose I
am in the wrong to department for outdoor activities.  Most of them
never leave their desks anyway.  Most of my friends are supportive as
most of them backpack anyway.   They always wish us luck, say they
wish they could come with us followed by all the regular excuses I
used to give.


>> I just thought of something.
>>         Alot of the folk I heard at the HF 25th gathering kept saying
>> that thier friends would hear about the hike and think they were =
>> They would get odd looks from other people mentioning it.
>It's funny you mention this. I talked to my parents about a thru-hike
>and they thought I was either insane or joking. They wanted to know
>where I would get such an idea, how on earth could I leave my job, where
>I was going to get money.... They are ultra-traditional (you look at me
>and then them, you won't think we're related <hehe>), coming from Italy
>to the US in the 60's. Oh well. They'll believe me when I'm in North
>Carolina somewhere on the phone asking for money. ;)

Courtney Smith

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