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Re: [at-l] "Viewshed"??

Hi all...
Personally, having been on this list for sometime, I have come to 
treasure the list's tradition of no flames...to disagree without
being disagreeable.  It's only this that keeps my emotions in check.

There_has_got to be a better way.  I spend time, almost everyday, on
public land.  I'm gratful for these places.  But anytime a land 
transfer does not involve a willing seller, I consider it 'snatching'.
The idea that landowners are being removed from, what they consider,
their ancestoral home in some attempt to provide the _illusion_ of
wilderness, for we who wish to_recreate_there, is overboard to say
the least. There must be some middle ground between the trail as a
corridor between condos and the heartless and heavy handed treatement 
that listers have related.  I don't buy the arguement that trust 
agreements (to allow land owners to retain the land they love while
precluding development) are impractical because of enforcement. 
Especially on the AT, thousands of hikers, hundreds or trail maintainers
plus caretakers and ridgerunners would provide eternal vigilence against
violations.  The idea that a long term landowner should be cast off
through eminent domain to insure what?  That we can pretend we're not
less than a mile from civilization.  As someone put it earlier,  we are
glad to see civilization when we need to resupply.  And honestly, it
seems, most like it nearby...no bother with the dangers of hitchhiking
or long road walks.  Perhaps those who crave wilderness should head 
north..I understand Alaska has some decent sized open spaces.

Our family has joint ownership of about 80 acres of land near the Bald 
Eagle State Forest here in PA.  An abandoned rail corrider passes
through the land.  Years ago, the family was approched for permission
to access that corrider for a rail to trail spur from the PA MST.
Thia created a big brewhaha in the family.  The younger generation
thought this would be a great thing.  The older ones had many 
concerns...tresspassing, littering,  careless fire building, booze
parties, and liability issues.  Bstween the trail promoters and the
pro- trail family members, we had just about talked them into it until
Gram joined the fray.  She said she just wanted to speak what Gramps
would have said. 
"Today, they want to use it.  Tomorrow they'll want to own it and the 
day after that, they'll want more."  

I thought she was being silly.  Wish she were around so I could 
apologize...						Kahley
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