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[at-l] New Toys

I'm such a gear weenie....

My new toys from Integral Designs arrived today.  I ordered a long/winter
"Unishelter", a "Strain" summer sleeping bag, and a custom 5x7 tarp.

The shocker.... the Unishelter weighs 8oz LESS than the published weight!
I've never heard of such a thing!  Well, I immediatly assumed that they had
shipped me the short/regular width version instead... but I just got off
the phone and according to my measurements I definitely have the
long/winter version.  I told them that they were going to ruin the
reputation of the entire outdoor industry if they kept doing things like that.

Anyway, here are the numbers:

	Integral Designs "Strain" summer bag (Primaloft II), long: 2lbs 3oz
	Integral Designs "Unishelter" bivy, long/winter (e.g. wide): 2lbs 6oz
	6x8 tarp: 10.5oz

-- Jim (hopeless gearhead) Mayer

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