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Re: [at-l] where's waldo?(stress fractures?)

Emily E Reith wrote:
> Hi everyone-
> Is this problem common with breaking feet?  That is actually one of my
> major concerns about my ('98) thru hike... stress fractures. 
> snip
> Just wondering if anybody knows anything about this...

When I took a look at Waldo's homepage he had a link to a document
entitled "Friends don't let friends wear boots". If I recall correctly
he was advocating the use of ultra-lite foot gear / sneakers.
I also think that he was carrying ovet 50 lbs.

If you want to carry weight on a distance hike you need more than
heart, you gotta have soul...<sp>  Sole, that is, under even those
young flexible feet.

If you have any doubts, let the rocks here in Pa. make a believer
outta you.

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