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Re: [at-l] Losing land to AT

Just a note...

This discussion started off with Diana passing on a report she saw in the
Baltimore Sun.  I won't pretend to know anything about this issue, but I DO
know that one has to be very careful about sources.  For instance,
newspaper reports often highlight a conflict.  Why? Because reports of
cooperation are boring!  And it is absolutely the case that by choosing
which facts are presented, and how facts are presented, an article can be
made to say almost anything.

I remember a case from this list a while back: as I recall, someone from
the list had been interviewed extensively about the spiritual nature of
backpacking.  When the show ran, only a few seconds were used, and those
only to support the point that all backpackers were gear weenies.  Now, I
may have misremembered this (I couldn't find the thread), but that kind of
goes to demonstrate my point.

I'm not even blaming reporters.  We all live in a society of rumors,
gossip, and assumptions.  That is just how things are!  And it applies to
the media, the government, people on this list, and nice farmers who
befriend us on the trail.

The case in point could be an instance of heartless government bureaucrats
abusing an innocent landowner.  It could also turn out to be a media-savvy
landowner attempting to squeeze extra money out of the government.  Or it
could be someone fighting with every tool they had, including manipulating
the media, to preserve a farm that had been their family's home for
generations!  I have no idea what the truth is.

Just my two cents.

-- Jim Mayer

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