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[at-l] my stove dun blown up!

Ug my stove!  My trusty Peak One Apex no longer works. =20
A while back while on a weekend trip, by stove went out of control.
There was not enough pressure in the tank and the white gas didn't
atomize.  As a  result, the stuff pooled up in the burner and away it
went.  We finally has to put it out with dirt.  The pump don't like to
make the tank pressure up anymore and I get black lube on my hands now
when I pump it up.  The seals around the cap are new since I already
replaced to try to correct the problem.  I took apart the pump and put
some silicone on the plunger and the cap at the bottom that forms the
seal with the pump's wall.  That worked until last night.  It was
pressuring up nice when I fixed it, but for  some reason we all wanted
to eat on the back porch last  night and my packing buddies wanted to
...ummm backpacking buddies(that sounds better) wanted to make sure my
stove worked before we set out tomorrow on a weekender.   It did the
same thing again, except this time, I thoroughly burned myself
disconnecting the stove from the gas line. =20

I wouldn't post request for help here if I had not noticed that a few
folks here had the same stove.  I called REI and they said in order to
replace the pump, I had to order 5 of the damn things and I am not
going to do that.  Does anyone have an suggestions on to how to get my
pump to work again?  I have replaced all the seals, so I know that is
not the problem.  With what REI wanted for th new pumps(and 4
"extras") I could replace the stove for about $40 more and quite
possibly get a better one.



Courtney Smith

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