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Re: [at-l] where's waldo?(stress fractures?)

On Thu, 30 Jan 1997, Kevin A. Hoffman wrote:

> After his broken foot mostly healed he jumped from Harpers Ferry to
> Mt Washington to continue his hike. The last time I saw him was in
> Gorham, NH. When I got back in touch with him after my hike he told me 
> that he had not taken enough time off and ended up breaking _both_ feet. 
> He summited Katahdin anyway three days after me on October 20th. He 
> told me he was going to take the Winter off to heal and then do the last
> 831 miles this Spring. 

Hi everyone-
(and so I ocassionally pipe in)
Is this problem common with breaking feet?  That is actually one of my 
major concerns about my ('98) thru hike... stress fractures.  I have had 
2 stress fractures (one in each foot) in the last 2 years, the second of 
which would not heal and ended up in a cast up to my knee for a good part 
of the spring.

After seeing several docs and a pediatrist I am now sporting a pair of 
custom orthotics (which so far I LOVE despite all the bad press) but 
nobody could tell me if there is some real way to prevent these breaks.  
It seams they can happen whenever you put a lot of stress on your feet, 
and there seems to be no way to avoid this while backpacking!  My fear is 
that I will have to leave the trail sooner than I want to.

Just wondering if anybody knows anything about this...

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