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[at-l] viewshed/emminent domain

OK everybody, now I have calmed down a little.  Yes, I understand
that wilderness and public lands are dominishing, no I don't want
a condo-tunnel to hike in.... BUT I see no need to bully small
families off their ancestral homes just so the "required" width
of corridor is protected.  Can't these things be negotiated as
a right of way, not to be sold except to the forest service, or
whoever is buying up the corridor on behalf of the AT?  Creating
all this bad feeling and treating these people like stuff under
our boots is NOT the way to go.  Believe me I have no problem taking
land away from a developer who is building a strip mall in order to
protect the trail corridor.  But the case that Jim described and the
situation in MD (which is hopefully improving) are just plain wrong.
Of course the developer will have more money to fight it off, and the
small landowner can just be bullied - this is wrong, wrong, wrong and
no amount of justification that it is for the "greater good" will
make me think any different.

And I also did not mean to imply by my Live your own life thing that
anybody should be able to do whatever they want... but people have
a right to keep their homes, even if somebody decides to run a trail
right past it.  Ask yourself how you would feel if someone told you
you had to leave your home so people who were hiking a trail wouldn't
have to look at it??  It's one thing to prevent new development, and
quite another to run somebody off after the fact.

Call me naive, and I admit it.  But there IS a middle ground here.
I have often wished I had a house close to the trail, to provide
lots of trail magic and hear hikers stories... Not if I could
lose it to improve the viewshed.

Ok.  Done for now
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