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Re: [at-l] where's waldo?

> Did Waldo ever finish his thru-hike? His page hasn't been updated since
> September. He put so much effort into his hike. I really want to find
> out what's happened. Last I heard he was flip-flopping around.

After his broken foot mostly healed he jumped from Harpers Ferry to
Mt Washington to continue his hike. The last time I saw him was in
Gorham, NH. When I got back in touch with him after my hike he told me 
that he had not taken enough time off and ended up breaking _both_ feet. 
He summited Katahdin anyway three days after me on October 20th. He 
told me he was going to take the Winter off to heal and then do the last
831 miles this Spring. 

- Snail-No-More '96

Kevin A. Hoffman  
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